Hertfordshire Escorts on First Kisses

The other day I asked my friends at cityofeve.com Hertfordshire escorts if they could remember their first kisses. All of them could, and it was kind of nice to sit down and talk about it. Most of the girls loved recalling that memory and it had become special to them. Of course, for girls, kissing a very romantic experience and I do agree with that. I love kissing and I even kiss girls because I believe it is a sign of affection.

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When I asked some of my dates at Hertfordshire escorts, they did not seem to remember their first kisses. Apparently, that first kiss does not seem to be that important to men. I wonder why. Some men I know are a bit reluctant kissers, and they don’t seem to be that much into it. Many of think that you should jump into bed with right away, but that does not work for me. I love being romanced and cherished first of all. That is something that applies to most ladies, and I don’t think that it will change.

I do think that I am a very romantic persona, and I can even remember the first time I held hands with a boy. It was in his back garden and we were about 11 years old. At the time we were attending a family party and we had sneaked out of the house. It was getting kind of dark as we walked back through his family’s massive garden. We got scarred and walked back holding hands in the semi dark. Like I said to my colleagues at Hertfordshire escorts, it is one of my most romantic memories and I love it.

Am I still creating memories? I am still creating memories that are romantic and affectionate, but they do not seem to stay with me for very long. One of the girls that I work with at Hertfordshire escorts says the same thing. She can remember kissing her boyfriends when she was younger much more intensively that she can remember what she calls her “new kisses”. Is it our minds playing tricks on us, or is that we are designed that way. We hang onto the feelings that are more special than others.

If, I had my time again. I think that I would write down all of my special kisses. They were the ones that tingled and sent shock waves all over my body. Sometimes when I am not so busy at Hertfordshire escorts I try to recall the faces of the boys. They are still there, and I smile when I look back on the memories. We do fill our souls with a lot of negative stuff, and it is nice to have some special things to remember. I think that those first kisses can make us feel better on a blue day, or when the skies are grey over England. Remember, kissing makes you clever. The more you kiss, the better your memory will be as well.

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