Pointless Sex Toys

It seems that the porn or sex movie that never was “Fifty Shades of Grey” has inspired a collection of pointless sex toys. Many London escorts who already run their own successful sex toy and lingerie web site are also up in arms, and are putting out warnings about these toys.

One of the london escorts who runs her own sex toy site says the products are all made in China, and are just copies of many original sex toys. She, like many other escorts in London, are quick to point out that you can buy better quality toys at a lower price without the silly branding of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Just because the sex toys have been branded with a popular movie name, does not mean that they are better or will give you more pleasure.

Here at Better Sex we asked our trusted panels of escorts to test and review some of the toys, and overall our girls did not think they were anything special. As a matter of fact, some of the girls thought that some of the toys were pointless.

sex toys
sex toys a popular one for escorts in london being the handcuff. cheap and efficient

Fifty Shades of Grey – What is so special about it?

We asked our escorts in london to find out if the new sex toy brand Fifty Shades of Grey represents value for money and quality toys. Here is what they told us:

Soft Wrists Ties

Honestly, said Lucinda one of the london escorts on our panel, what is all this about? I am sitting here holding in my hands a pair of soft wrist ties that you use in bondage. They have been branded with the movie name but they are twice the price of a pair of normal wrist ties.

I would not use these at all, and the branding with the name of the movie just make them look silly. And, she says waving the ties around, they are already beginning to fray around the seams. If, you are going to buy and invest in a pair of wrist ties, buy a pair from a reputable site and make sure they are made with quality material.

Sensual Massage Oil

Massage Oil may not really be a sex toy but Sarah one of the escorts In London , volunteered to test the Fifty Shade of Grey Massage Oil. The first thing she said was that it does not smell very nice, and comes in a plastic bottle. Sarah was quick to point out that all good quality massage oils come in glass bottles.

Oil in plastic bottles can contain harmful PCBs which can cause skin rashes, and allergies reactions. She would never buy a massage oil in a plastic bottle. It also did not say which base oils the oil contained, and how it had been produced. Lucinda said that I could be giving a date a massage with sunflower oil without knowing it. She adds that she is pretty sure other london escorts would not use the oil neither.

I trust my panel of escorts, and they know what they are talking about. We should at all times be careful with the products we buy and make sure that they are safe. Sarah has a very valid point. What is in the oil branded with Fifty Shades of Grey, and does a brand always offer better quality and value for money?

Popular Sex Toys For Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Popular New-Age Sex Toys

The days of simple dildos are gone forever–and for good reason. Technology has come a long way to bring us various contraptions including new-aged sex toys. Whether using these toys solo or with a partner, these toys are some of the most popular ways to bring your sex life to new heights.

Shibari 7″ Multi-speed Vibrator, Silver

Amazon.com is fantastic for finding pretty much anything–including the naughty toys. The Shibari 7″ Multi-speed Vibrator is one of the highest rated sex toys on the site. With discreet packaging and shipping, the neighbors won’t realize the slew of orgasms you’re about to have (unless, of course, if you let them in on it). That may be the case with this beautiful orgasmic treasure. Use the Shibari Multi-speed Vibrator for solo pleasure or use it with your partner. Double penetration without the awkwardness of a threesome is achieved might well through this popular sex toy. Oh, and it’s 100% waterproof with 2 AA batteries. Who says the fun needs to stop in the bedroom?

Sex Slings

Have you ever wanted to try a new position but thought to yourself “how in the world will that work comfortably”? With a sex sling, you can add a variety of sex positions to your list. Sex slings work by strapping each ankle strap to each leg and resting the neck comfortably on a padded neck strap. Raise the legs to a comfortable height for a custom fit and wait for the pleasure! This position helps your legs spread wider than you thought possible, resulting in easy G-spot stimulation and deeper penetration. Your legs never get tired, since they are supported by the straps, meaning you can go longer than you ever dreamed of! As for an added bonus, the sex sling allows your hands to roam, rather than holding your legs up.

Spice It Up Couples Ring

This penis ring tickles both the balls/butt of the guy while stimulating and tickling her clitoris. It can be argued as one of the top cock rings on the market. Sold by Adam and Eve, the Spice It Up Couples Ring boosts his size and man power while bringing her closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust. With two separate vibrators with 3 levels of speed, you’re able to customize yours and she can customize her vibration level. Both bullets are removable for easy clean up. Each bullet works on 3 G13A watch batteries. 12 are included in this package!

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